Marketing Material

Get the visual edge over your competitors to make your company instantly recognisable and stand out from others.

Why is Marketing & Branding Important?

Do you ever just get a feeling about something? Do you trust your gut? Your client might.

Do you ever just get a feeling about something? Do you trust your gut?
Your client might.

At I Want That Design, we recognise the importance of company branding.
Whether you’re a local builder or a national company, branding makes a difference in how you are perceived.  Having effective, well-designed, marketing materials will contribute to the credibility of your business and build brand recognition.

Working within the building industry for over 20 years with developers and builders, we simply get it.

With our experience we provide your company with eye-catching graphic designs. These allow you to get your information across effectively to potential clients – helping you beat out your competition.

Logo design, websites, e-marketing, newsletters, publications, magazines, social media, press releases, site, car, and office signage, marketing material, stationery, banners, posters – you name, we can do it.

How can we help you?

Visually represent your brand across all formats

From plan sets to websites, flyers to business cards. 
Our company offers a wide range of options to help you stand out.

Become the preferred builder in your region & grow your portfolio

Establish familiarity & get your company instantly recognisable.

Tailor to meet your market & get the clients you want

Showcase your best designs to grab attention from the right clients.


Furnished & Colour Floor Plans

Do you find Construction Plans distracting for your clients?
With too much technical information, sometimes the overall house design can be lost.

Coloured floor plans help your client see the design in a tangible way.
With furniture placement, easily recognisable areas and attention seeking colours; Furnished & Coloured Floor Plans help you convert the construction drawings into a client friendly visual.

With a range of floor plan options from full colour to greyscale, the right format is there for you.

Brochures & Flyers

Many consumers still prefer print; it gives them something solid and versatile they can hold onto.

Developing a range of colour marketing brochures and flyers is an economical and effective way to visualise your company’s floor plans, elevations and inclusions in both print and web formats.

Colour Selections

Colour selections can feel like an ominous undertaking for you or your client. The impact that colour has on a space is an undeniable truth, and an expensive mistake to get wrong.

Whether it’s the street appeal or creating a cosy atmosphere, colour plays an important role in the way people respond to an environment. After perfecting the design of your new home, creating a cohesive & inviting space can be made or broken by your colour choices & finishes.

Save the time and stress by letting our colour specialists take the reins.